Free Lessons from Dan’s Tutorials

MUG ONE members now have a great new resource for learning. Dan Wassink of Dan’s Tutorials is sharing a selection of free videos and tips from the Dan’s Tutorials website each month. We will add them here and to our MUG ONE Facebook group as soon as they become available.

Thank you, Dan, for your generosity to Apple user groups!

Dan’s Tutorials: iPhone – Send Emails to a Group

Did you know you can send a group email on the iPhone? You do this by creating a group of contacts in the Contacts app on the Mac or in Contacts in Once you have created that group, you can then open Mail on the iPhone and send an email to everyone in that group. See how this works in this video on sending an email to a group of people with the Mail app on the iPhone.

Video courtesy of Dan’s Tutorials.

Dan’s Tutorials: Mac – Set Which App Opens a Document

In this lesson from Dan’s Tutorials, Dan shows how to set which application a document opens with. You can do this on a one-time basis, set a specific document to open in a specific app, or set a specific document type to open in a specific app. As an example, you can set all PDFs to open in Preview or in Acrobat Reader, or all JPEGs to open in Preview or in Photoshop.

Dan’s Tutorials: iPad and iPhone – Save a Web Page as a PDF

Did you know that you can save an entire Safari webpage as a PDF on your iPhone or iPad to view at a later date? You do this by first taking a screenshot of a webpage in Safari. You’ll see the thumbnail come across your iPhone, tap on in to open the screenshot. Then, at the top, you tap on Full Page. When you tap on Done, your iPhone will ask you to save it as a PDF. See how to save a webpage as a PDF in Safari on the iPhone with this video.

Video courtesy of Dan’s Tutorials.

Dan’s Tutorials: iPad & iPhone – Add Captions to Photos and Videos

With iPadOS 14, Apple added the ability to add a caption or description to both photos and videos in the Photos app on the iPad, as well as the iPhone with iOS 14. To add a caption, open the photo in the Photos app then swipe up. You’ll see an option to add a caption directly below the photo. Once you add a caption, you can then search for any photo or video with that caption. See how this works in this lesson from Dan’s Tutorials.

December 12 – Holiday Meeting and Party

Join us on Thursday, December 12 at 7:30 p.m. in 104 Golisano Hall on the Hartwick College campus in Oneonta, NY for our December meeting of MUG ONE, the Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY.

It’s MUG ONE’s annual holiday meeting and party! We’ll have demonstrations of tech-related gift ideas to inspire your holiday lists – or your own wish list.

Have a favorite tech item you’d like to demo? Let us know at and join the fun.

After the presentations and door prizes, we’ll socialize and enjoy holiday goodies.

*Please bring a plate of cookies, healthy nibbles or other favorite holiday food to share.*

As always, the meeting will begin with a question and answer session and end with a door prize drawing for current members.

Meetings are free of charge and everyone is welcome. For more information, email us at