Software Review: Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Studio - 2D Animation Software
Toon Boom Technologies

Ever wanted to bring your artwork to life, but can’t find the right software to do the job? If you are looking for an animation program that has the features of Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Painter, but has the layout of 3D programs like Maya, you should check out Toon Boom Studio. The program is well laid out and has many features that extend beyond traditional animation capabilities.

The animator has the choice of using top, front and side camera views that can give a three dimensional perspective. This gives the user a great deal of control over the environment that would normally be limited to a single view. In addition to all the traditional art tools found in programs like Painter, Toon Boom Studio has a speech synchronization feature that helps connect sound with animation. This feature is most effective when matching dialog to a particular character. The program also allows the animator to import film and manipulate it. This very powerful feature allows the animator endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

Overall, Toon Boom Studio can help one create professional looking films that have a production quality feel to them. I found Toon Boom Studio easy to work with, and I believe it can even be adapted for use by middle and high school students. Toon Boom Studio is an effective tool that can breathe new life into your artwork.

–Jake Richtsmeier

System requirements:
Power Macintosh G4 (recommended) or G3, Mac OS X, 128 MB of system RAM, 100 MB of available hard drive space, 24-bit color display with at least 8 MB video RAM, capable of 1024x768 resolution, Wacom Tablet (recommended).
Copyright ©2003 by Jake Richtsmeier. This article will appear in the February 2003 issue of Newsbreak, the newsletter of MUG ONE - Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY.