FlipSkin Case for iPod with video
Speck Products

Fifth generation iPods can do so much more than just play music. The current 30, 60 and 80 GB iPod with video models can display photos from your iPhoto collection and play video podcasts, TV shows and even full-length movies.

Exciting stuff, to be sure. But who wants to hold an iPod in your hand for a half hour while watching a TV show, or, worse, for the length of an entire movie?

The FlipSkin case from Speck Products cleverly solves the iPod’s viewing problem by combining a sturdy, lightweight protective case with an adjustable viewing stand.
The stylish rubberized black and grey case slides onto a fifth generation iPod (a back spacer is included for the slimmer 30 GB iPod w/video) and stretches over the top to fit. The stretchy rubber also holds the removable hard plastic screen protector in place. The iPod’s scroll wheel, ports and pause switch are all readily accessible. The protective cushioning at the base prevents the iPod from fitting into an iPod dock, but the case can be easily removed if you prefer to dock your iPod rather than use a cable connection.

The sturdy U-shaped “kickstand” folds flat against the back of the case, and can be clicked to various viewing angles so you can watch your iPod in comfort. The rubberized case material keeps your iPod from sliding around on your desk, tray table or other viewing surface for added stability.

The FlipSkin is a sturdy, well-designed protective case that stands (sorry, couldn’t resist) to enhance your enjoyment of your iPod with video. My only wish would be that the stand could also function as a secure belt clip. Recommended.

– Elsa Travisano

Copyright ©2007 by Elsa Travisano. This review appeared in the March 2007 issue of Newsbreak, the newsletter of MUG ONE - Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY.