Mac OS X Hints, Jaguar Edition, by Rob Griffiths. 461 pp. O'Reilly, 2003. $24.95

Fans of will recognize Rob Griffiths as the founder and editor of the popular Mac OS X tips site. Mac OS X Hints pulls together “the 500 most amazing power tips” for using OS X 10.2 Jaguar. The book is an overflowing goodie bag of tips from how to cancel a Drag-and-Drop (press the Esc key while dragging, then release the mouse button) to moving the Mailbox drawer in Mail—something I once did accidentally and had been trying to recreate ever since.

You’ll learn how to check spelling while you type in iChat, how to optimize and do cool things with the Dock, how to turn Entourage notes into Stickies, how to make OS X behave more like OS 9 and more! much more! If you’re comfortable dabbling in Terminal and Unix you’ll have a blast with more than a hundred pages of shortcuts, commands and troubleshooting. You’ll even find out how to access the text-based adventure game that’s hidden in the emacs text editor.
Mac OS X Hints, Jaguar Edition is just the ticket for users who have moved beyond the basics and are ready to power up their OS X experience. Highly recommended.

-Elsa Travisano