Habitat for iPod, Secure Habitat for iPod

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Habitat for iPod, $24.99
(User group price $21.25)
Secure Habitat for iPod, $39.99
(User group price $34)

User group prices good through May 31, 2003

The Habitat for iPod is an attractive, sturdy and ingeniously designed cradle and organizer for your iPod. The Habitat holds your iPod securely so you can operate it with one hand and keeps it contained to help prevent accidental tumbles off your desk. It’s especially convenient for recharging your iPod or synching it with your Mac.

The Habitat cradle holds the iPod at an angle of about 45°, allowing easy access to the control wheel and top ports. Flanking the angled cradle are holders for your iPod’s earbuds and FireWire cable. No more rooting around under your desk to track down that elusive cable!

The Habitat is made from clear, injection-molded polycarbonate, a material which allows it to blend in with your desktop environment. The Secure Habitat adds a stainless steel security bracket that connects to any standard computer lock. Rubber feet on the 12 cm diameter base hold the cradle steady. even on sloping surfaces like angled keyboard and mouse trays. The earbud cord storage receptacle is a bit of a snug fit, but that’s my only quibble with an otherwise excellent product.

User group members can get a discount of 15% through May 31, 2003. For information on receiving the discount, contact your user group leader.
– Elsa Travisano
Copyright ©2003 by Elsa Travisano. This article appeared in the April 2003 issue of Newsbreak, the newsletter of MUG ONE - Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY.