Software Review:
Art Explosion 750,000 for Macintosh

Art Explosion 750,000 for Macintosh
48 CD-ROMs or 5 DVD-ROMs, 1800 page printed manual and catalog in two volumes, Canvas 7 Standard Edition.
Nova Development Corp.

They used to say about the old Sears Catalog - “if you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it.” That’s an apt description of Art Explosion 750,000, Nova Development’s awe-inspiring flagship collection of clip art.

This massive collection contains over 195,000 vector images in EPS format that may be scaled to different sizes; 35,000 raster images in TIFF format that are not designed to be resized; 1100 works of fine art; 50,000 black and white TIFF images from the Dover art library; 22,000 traditional black and white images; 111,000 72-DPI color photographs suitable for the web and 15,000 high resolution 240-DPI photographs suitable for printing on inkjet printers. Also included are 11,000 72-DPI color backgrounds for placing behind text; more than 5000 technical symbols in PICT format; 300,000 web graphics and 500 web-ready animations in GIF or JPEG format; and 1800 fonts from Agfa and Bitstream. Deneba Software’s Canvas 7 Standard Edition graphics application rounds out the collection.

Let’s pause and take a breath.

65% of the collection is vector art, which can be scaled to any size. Over 80% of the images in the collection are in color. Two large paperbound image catalogs contain 3/4” black and white thumbnails (reduced size images) of every raster and vector image and a sampling of the fine art, Dover, traditional, photograph and technical symbol collections. Images can also be browsed onscreen within each category by using Extensis’s Portfolio browser software and catalogs included on each CD-ROM. The graphics are professionally illustrated and represent such a wide variety of styles as to meet virtually any need imaginable. If you feel the need to tweak, images can be edited in Canvas 7 or other graphics programs.
The 48 CD-ROMs are organized in two large, flat paper folios which make them surprisingly easy to access. Each folio lists the contents of each CD-ROM, organized by number and category. Just make sure to store the folios right side up, or disks can come loose.

There are several ways to choose an image. Looking up a topic - Harp- in the Quick Locater Index of the printed catalog yields a list of images by page number. You can also use the Table of Contents at the beginning of each section to locate an image category, or simply thumb through the catalog.

Once on a page, look through the black and white thumbnail images and choose what suits your needs. Thumbnails are handily coded with grey dots for color images and black dots for black and white images. Make a note of the image name - Harp 25 - under the file you choose, check the top of the page for the category - Music - then refer to the list on either CD-ROM folio to locate the proper disk.
At this point you can choose to import the file from its image folder into your word processing, desktop publishing or graphics program. Instructions for importing files into a wide range of programs from AppleWorks to PageMaker are included in the first volume of the printed catalog.

If you prefer to browse, simply open the Catalogs folder and scroll through images in color using Portfolio browser software, then drag and drop directly into your application from the catalog. If your application doesn’t support drag and drop, you can use copy and paste instead.

Granted, $199.95 is a lot to spend. To help decide if the collection fits your needs, Nova Development’s website offers sample clip art and projects, category lists and samples of the image browser window. Nova also offers Art Explosion in 525,000, 250,000 and 125,000 image collections for $149.95, $99.95 and $69.95.

Anyone who produces flyers, brochures, newsletters or advertising materials should be in heaven with Art Explosion 750,000. Web designers will be particularly pleased with “instant web” pages; pre-designed navigation bars and buttons in a variety of styles, as well as the huge assortment of 72 DPI photos, graphic elements, backgrounds and animations.

Art Explosion 750,000 is the ultimate gift for the teacher, web designer, desktop publisher or clip art lover in your life.

– Elsa Travisano
Art Explosion 750,000 for Macintosh
System Requirements:
PowerMac running System 7.0 or later, CD-ROM drive (DVD-ROM drive required for DVD version). System 7.5.5 required for image browser. Compatible with all word processing, desktop publishing and graphics programs and printers.

Copyright ©2001 by Elsa Travisano. This article originally appeared in the December, 2001 issue of Newsbreak, the newsletter of MUG ONE - Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY.